Corbin Senior Center

Corbin Senior Activity Center provides multi-generational programs and services that enhance the health, happiness, and well-being of the community.


Corbin Senior Activity Center thrives on its volunteers. Whether you are a senior looking to stay active and engaged or a community member with a heart to serve, Corbin and Spokane's seniors need you!  For opportunities to volunteer contact Heide Wehr at or 509-327-1584


Corbin Senior Activity Center is a private non-profit primarily supported by the generosity of the community and a great partnership with Spokane Parks and Rec. With a heart to give any amount you too can support Corbin and Spokane's thriving senior community.

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One of the best ways to support the Corbin Center is to simply become a member!

The Corbin Senior Center has served the Spokane Community for 50 years, providing multi-generational activities.

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